"Let us plan your first trip, offering you an exclusive honeymoon in the most exotic destinations, discovering magical untouched lands, ancient cultures or exciting metropolitan itineraries."

We are delighted to offer you the best options to create your ideal honeymoon - a complete list of suggestions and destinations for a honeymoon that's made-to-measure and unique for every couple.Some examples, UNITED STATES, MEXICO, THAILAND, AUSTRALIA, SEYCHELLES.At our agency, we can also manage your wedding list with maximum flexibility and full transparency.

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Main destinations



For discerning travellers seeking an experience with maximum customisation.Those who will not settle for a standard product, but would prefer to explore and experience Asia through a tailor-made holiday.



For those who want to immerse themselves in distant environments, to savour the smells and sensations of new worlds, where nature is the only protagonist and emotions seem to have no boundaries:Australia, New Zealand, Polynesia, Fiji, Cook Islands, New Caledonia.

United States of America

United States of America

One of the most fun things to do during a trip to New York is to go shopping.Shopping lover or not, anyone on a trip to New York will find themselves shopping more often than they could have imagined.Affordable prices, the strong euro and especially an endless choice of products, many of which are truly unique, make New York the world capital of shopping.

Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean

Halfway between Asia and Africa, in the Indian Ocean lie some of the most beautiful and famous places and islands on the Earth.There are islands full of spices like Mauritius, others noted for their fascinating ocean floors like the Maldives, and countries that are poised between the ancient and modern like Dubai.

Dubai and the Middle East


From artificial islands to skyscrapers built on floating platforms, from the world's largest port to the tallest and biggest buildings ever made: the futuristic architecture has to be discovered on a trip to Dubai.

South Africa


Contact with nature, open spaces and unfamiliar colours, places to enjoy and experience in silence from the voice of the ocean to the incredible wildlife reserve: these are our expectations when we land in Johannesburg to start our trip in South Africa .

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